PATCHES: sustainable threads + one of a kind wares

Throughout the past several months, I've been in the process of refocusing + developing my creative brand. I'm grateful for the opportunities this past year to have shared this new work with the community through local art markets. This year, I'm planning on revamping + reopening my Etsy shop, PatchesClothingCo! Here's the story. 

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With a love for all things recycled, upcycled, and thrifted, I always discover myself with extra clothing and found materials in my studio. I began to experiment with these pieces by altering + embellishing them by means of paint, embroidery, and print. I quickly built up a small collection of upcycled clothes & folks began to take interest in wearing my designs. 

Patches Clothing Co is an independent clothing and art brand established in 2017. Formerly working under the name Artfully On Sunset, I sold a variety of handmade products + artwork, primarily in local markets, staring around 2013. Through Patches, I am refocusing my creative brand into a more specific concept: bringing new life to old things. I strive to create work that is unique, expressive, and ethically produced. Each handpicked article of clothing I alter has been freely exchanged or purchased used. This means that the clothing I design is one of a kind; each piece is different, each piece is conceptualized with individuality + created with thought. 

Patches is both a clothing brand and a creative brand. Along with wearable pieces, I also design and produce a variety of artwork including hand embroidery, paintings, prints, jewelry, and paper goods. The name Patches represents the creative mending of old things along with the eclectic nature of my artwork.